What is Affiliate Marketing? Ever wondered about that and still can't seem to really grasp it? In that case, I will try to explain it in an understandable coherent way. Let's start this post with a simple explanation:



is a company or person selling a product or a service. An advertiser is anyone who is willing to pay someone to help them sell their product or services.


is a company or an individual who in exchange for earning a little money (commission) promotes the said advertiser’s product or services. This in the form of links, banner or text ads, or even unique phone numbers that the publisher incorporates into their website. Advertisers and publishers contractually agree to work with one another.


completes the affiliate relationship triangle. The consumer sees the ad and proceeds to make an action (either by clicking a link or by submitting their information via a form or purchasing a product). This takes them from the publisher’s website to the advertiser’s to complete the action, which is called a conversion.


what is Affiliate marketing? It is a great way for a company to market its products or services, in a pretty inexpensive way and to a broader audience. The way the company keeps track of the individual affiliate's performance is through something called “cookies.” Don't mistake affiliate marketing with Network Marketing, although they have many similarities. A cookie is a technology that works within your web browser. This cookie stores your information like login info, your visit to the website, the date and time of your visit, and many other things. For affiliate marketing, a cookie is called the first-party cookie. Therefore in affiliate marketing, the cookie remembers the link to the ad that you clicked on. It can also store the date and time you clicked on the link. So if you visit a publisher's website and click on a link with an affiliate cookie the browser can then identify who the advertiser is, the publisher, the specific creative (ad of course), and the commission amount that the publisher gets.

Is affiliate marketing easy? It depends on what you put in the word “easy.” Getting good at anything isn't easy, it takes work and time. Although affiliate marketing is a fairly cheap way to start to earn money, there is a learning curve to this as with anything. You can either go the “free” way of scouring all over the internet and learn everything you can (this will take loads of time so you better have the time to put into it)

Or you can buy into a variety of courses that are offered online and learn.

Or you can look into two of the courses I recommend, one is MOS and the other is SAN. Both these programs can be used with whatever it is you want to sell, be it travel, product, or a service. I hope this article “What Is Affiliate Marketing” explained it well enough for you to understand. If it cleared it up for you please leave a comment below, thank you and have a GREAT DAY! 😀

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