Ok, to be 100% honest, I can’t stick to one thing at a time but 2021 is going to be different..that is a promise I have made to myself (my ADHD self goes “OK…”!

I know I have ADHD & Dyslexia (also have dyslexia for numbers often called dyscalculia). 

I know my ADHD lays mostly in the remembrance, focus, and organization area. That is where you notice my disability first with me (however everyone thinks to seem it has to do with laziness and keeps telling me to “get it together” well all I can say to that is…” does your arse really think I thrive with this disability???”) ok, next!!!.

So with that out of the way… along this online ride, I keep coming back to the 2 full suite programs online that have everything you need to create an online income, which is Builderall and Groovefunnels.

I will list my top 5 tools that I keep coming back to and which I have finally come to the realization that I don’t need everything else to create an online income in 2021…it’s just my crazy unstable head that keeps seeing “shiny objects” just like a squirrel that jumps from nut to nut because it thinks it looks better but in reality, a nut is a nut…hahaha

Ok now I am finished with my little ramble over to the BLOG POST:




#1. Hosting, now I must admit I have been through many hosting companies and I will list them but first I want to say with Groovefunnels you are supposed to be able to host your domain with them, however, I have yet to figure out how to do that (I am not tech-savvy) and from the support…all I can say is…nope don’t work for me. I need a 1-2-3 step and it HAS to be easy! So over to Buidlerall, easy peasy! 

Then after builderall, the list goes as follows:

  1. InMotion Hosting
  2. A2-Hosting
  3. Hostgator
  4. Justhost

#2. Builderall. I must admit I have not used Buidlerall for what it’s worth just because I am a squirrel and this year my intention is to try to focus. Builderall has everything you need to create your online business (as does Groovefunnels for tech-savvy people).

#3. Groovefunnels. Groovefunnels is essentially the same as Builderall. This program has a lot of potentials, however for me who is not tech-savvy I must say it has a long way to go compared to Builderall, but I am not giving up on them yet, especially since I paid for the LIFETIME upgrade :/


#4. Autoresponder. Now both Builderall and Groovefunnesl have autoresponders so if you choose one of them (or both like me…LOL) no worries. However, if you don’t there are oceans of autoresponders to choose from and out of all of them, I still use Getresponse, which I like the most (just a personal preference and price choice…haha). But you also have Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mailerliet, plus many more…


#5. A social media poster ( IMPORTANT) if you want to streamline your posting as much as possible (timesavers!) So the one I use ehhh…the two I use (at this point my own money-saving tips are kind of…out there…lo…) I have a hard time choosing  *Oppgitt face* are 

#5.1. PlannThat and 

#5.2. Later

So there you go with my MY 2021 Affordable GO-TO TOOLBOX, however, if you want to know THE 3 MUST-HAVE BASIC TOOLS  of starting online affiliate business signup HERE.



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This page is great if you need to make banners

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