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My name is Kiesha Michelle Falchenberg and I have been interested in affiliate marketing since 2004. My desire to earn passive and multiple streams of income online has grown since then and that is all there is to it;)

Since then I have bought numerous training and gained a lot of knowledge but never done anything big with all the training and knowledge I have accumulated due to information overload and imposter syndrome.

On this path, I have learned that there is a lot that follows along with affiliate marketing and in that learning process, it finally came to the point where I realized that it takes money to make money! This I learned after years of trying to avoid using money (yeah…I can laugh at it now *laugh face*)

However, during this time unbeknown to me, I had ADHD so I was jumping from opportunity to opportunity and fell into a complete state of overwhelm and confusion. I also had a stroke, and with a stroke under my belt it has been a VERY curly path…to say the least…hahaha…

I went back and forth between my ideas and programs, started DOZENS of blogs, joined literally hundreds of opportunities. I have gone around and around in circles for soooooo long it's embarrassing! Unfortunately, I have wasted lots of money which I haven't had (how did I do that? Don't ask) but the wasting money time is finally over!

However, along this curvy path, I have learned affiliate marketing includes picking a niche, blogging (which I was trying to avoid forever…), lead magnets, offers, traffic, testing, and all that jazz.

BTW I have a blog that I called The Squirrelpreneur which you can see here (there you can also see  a list of my many opportunities)

My Goal

Since I have finally figured out my path I want to help you on your path as well. My goal is to help you be as resourceful and effective as possible (especially if you have ADHD) My aim is to provide you with an easy and cheap step-by-step way to earn online. Basically earning the most money and saving the most money so you can profit as much as possible from your efforts.

Everything that I learn, I want to pass over to you!

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New To Affiliate Marketing?

If you are BRAND NEW to affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you start HERE (no credit card required!)

Anyway, since it takes money to make money I always look for the most effective, yet affordable solutions to making money online (of course sometimes I spit in a little extra if I think it's worth it).

Now, to be honest, I am creating this blog with a dash of more seriousness (at least trying) for the serious people. However, I can't promise I will always be able to keep it serious! So if you prefer non-serious you can to my Squirrelpreneur page where I share anything and everything whenever I have time or remember…lol


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